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2023 Trophy Recipients to be posted shortly

Club Trophies

The Club currently has eight (8) trophies to award annually, although not all trophies are always awarded each year. The following information names the trophy, describes the criteria for awarding, indicates responsibility for awarding discretionary trophies and finally indicates responsibility for obtaining annual plaques that go along with the trophy presentation. 


1) Most Valuable Member – The Pat Piggot Memorial Trophy 

Awarded annually to the Member deemed most valuable to the Club during the current year. The selection of the recipient is at the discretion of the President, who may seek assistance from Executive Members and/or Directors as well as submissions from the membership. 


2) Most Active Member – The Jim Fergusson Trophy 

The Activities Committee keeps attendance at Club events throughout the year and the Secretary records attendance at regular Club meetings. Both record member attendance in the Club Express database. The Member who receives the most points during the year will be the recipient of this trophy. 


3) Most Active Novice Member – The Parry Trophy 

The criteria for awarding this trophy is the same as Most Active Member except recipients are restricted to Members in their full FIRST year of membership. 


4) Canada Day Rally – The Ashley Motors Trophy 

Annually the Activities Committee conducts a fun rally consisting of skill-testing questions and/or time/distance challenges or any other fun activities involving MG cars. The winner of the trophy is declared by the organizer(s) of the event. 


5) The Bright Idea Award – The Lucas Trophy 

This trophy may be awarded annually to the Member deemed to have a great idea on any topic relevant to the Club, its processes and its activities. The selection of the recipient is at the discretion of the President, who may request input from the membership, Club Directors and Officers. In the event of multiple recommendations for this award, the Club Executive will determine the winner. 


6) Wayne McRae Trophy 

No criteria currently exist for the awarding of this trophy. 


7) Premier Class Trophy – The Autosport Ltd Trophy 

This trophy is awarded annually. The recipient of this trophy is determined by Member votes at the annual Tire Kicker Car Show & BBQ for MG’s in Premier Class. MG’s in Premier Class are those MG’s voted 1st in the various classes during the previous year’s Tire Kicker Car Show & BBQ.


8) Driving Challenge – The Tourist Trophy 

The Activities Committee annually conducts a driving challenge consisting of a list of places where a Member must photograph his MG. In some instances, odometer readings are necessary to verify distances driven. The purpose of the challenge is to get Members to drive their MG’s more. The winner is decided based on points awarded including points for distances actually driven (hence the need for odometer readings). Each Member who participates in the Challenge shall receive a Participation Certificate regardless of whether or not they win the challenge. 

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